FFP2- & FFP3 -Atemschutzmasken

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At OXYSMART you will find a large selection of FFP2 masks in different designs and colors in the online shop. They are available individually packaged, in a set of 5 or as an FFP2 multipack. FFP3 masks are also available. FFP2 masks filter at least 94 percent of hazardous substances from the air, FFP3 masks even at least 99 percent. You can now find an FFP2 mask at OXYSMART that will protect you safely.




FFP2 masks are mandatory in certain areas of application 

To current regulations Medical face masks, such as FFP2 masks, are compulsory for certain areas of application, including working life (offices), shopping in local shops and taking part in local public transport. Depending on the state, wearing FFP2 masks may also be required in other situations, such as in the course of a pandemic, to counter the spread of viruses and diseases. Here we answer all the important questions about FFP2 masks.

What exactly are FFP2 masks and FFP3 masks?

Mostly white, dome-shaped and foldable: FFP2 masks and FFP3 masks are becoming increasingly popular due to their filter performance. The masks simply filter small particles, droplets and aerosols out of the air and thus offer excellent protection against infections. FFP2 masks filter at least 94 percent of the substances from the ambient air, FFP3 masks even at least 99 percent.


FFP2 masks: what does the abbreviation ffp meanp“?

FFP is the abbreviation for the English term filtering face piece. The German translation is a bit cumbersome particle filtering half mask, which is why the abbreviation FFP has become established in parlance. In the past, craftsmen in particular wore such masks to protect themselves from dust and harmful substances at work. They are now considered to be the best protection against viruses, not just for risk groups. FFP2 masks and FFP3 masks without an exhalation valve offer the greatest protection.ventil.

How do I know that my FFP2 masks are certified?

OXYSMART only sells certified FFP2 respirators. If you buy elsewhere, pay attention to the packaging information when buying FFP2 masks. The CE mark in conjunction with a four-digit number indicates that it has been certified as a medical product. Medical surgical masks should also be marked with the CE mark.


What do I have to consider when creating FFP2 masks?

Correct fit is the be-all and end-all of FFP2 masks. FFP2 masks only offer the desired protection for yourself and others if you wear them tightly. The elastic rubber bands ensure a high level of comfort and are usually adjustable in length so that the mask can be perfectly adapted to any face shape..

Are FFP2 masks reusable?

FFP2 masks are non-reusable, single-use products that should only be worn once. The manufacturer's information is decisive. The indication NR on FFP2 masks stands for non reusable, i.e. not intended for multiple use.ehen.
However, due to the prolonged length of the pandemic and the not inconsiderable costs of the protective masks, consumers are sometimes interested in repeated use. But there are narrow limits for this, and minimum hygienic requirements must be observed::

FFP2 masks should be replaced after five uses at the latest, as the filter performance deteriorates over time. Regular disinfection helps to prevent odors. FFP2 masks are not always washable, as washing them would lose their filtering ability or their protective effect.



The following methods are suitable for reprocessing:

Dry in the room air for seven days
• Hang FFP2 masks as far away as possible from other objects in the room
• Let it dry for seven days
• Repeat the process a maximum of five times

Disinfect FFP2 masks

• Let the respirator air dry for a day
Then spray with OXY CleanCare
 Allow the respirator to dry


Both methods remove all viruses that are still attached to the mask and thus guarantee safe repeated use.


Can FFP2 masks cause health problems??

FFP2 masks offer the user good health protection. The protective effect is only given if the FFP2 mask sits tightly throughout, i.e. has been selected to match the physiognomy of the face and rests firmly on the skin..

Since wearing an FFP2 mask increases breathing resistance, FFP2 masks are not equally suitable for everyone. In the area of occupational safety, where the FFP2 masks originate, the risks that arise for the individual user must always be assessed medically. If necessary, switch to the medical surgical masks from OXYSMART, which also offer a certain level of self-protection when they are firmly attached.n.

TIP: Only wear FFP2 masks where it is prescribed and use the tried and tested ones in other situationsn Mouth and nose protection  off (also inrange by OXYSMART). With the sporadic change to face masks made of skin-friendly material, you can also prevent skin irritation.
When buying FFP2 masks, pay attention to branded products such as those from OXYSMART.ORG's range because cheap products can release organic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, such as microplastics..


Are FFP2 masks suitable for me as a beard wearer??

A beard can affect the tightness of FFP2 masks, as the face mask may not fit snugly. If leaks occur, the air flows past the mask, which would considerably reduce the protective effect. To ensure a tight fit, there are different FFP2 mask models that are also suitable for some beards. Only bearers with a full beard will not find a suitable option here..


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Hygienically packaged, five-layered and with nose clips for high wearing comfort: you will find a large selection of FFP2 masks available in the OXYSMART online shop. FFP2 masks consist of filtering fleeces that are embedded between additional layers of material. On the packaging you will find a certification that every FFP2 mask should have. Store the respirators in a dark, cool and dry place until use. Make sure that the packaging is undamaged.


well protected with FFP2 masksn

Particle-filtering half masks or FFP2 masks are used both for your own protection and for external protection and are therefore particularly popular in everyday life. At OXYSMART you will find certified models from our own brands that guarantee the best filter performance of at least 94 percent, but are usually much higher for optimal protection.


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