Wann und warum ist der Gebrauch von Händedesinfektionsmitteln sinnvoll?

Hand disinfectants prevent and prevent the transmission of pathogens thus reduce the risk of infection.

Buy disinfectants from OXY CleanCare for your hands and being safe is particularly important, as approx.80 percent of pathogens are transmitted through the hands become. The reason for this is that every day we touch countless objects on which bacteria and other harmful microorganisms can be found.

It is therefore particularly important in some areas to regularly use hand sanitiserufen and to use. In the following sectors there is a regular hand disinfection among other things necessary:
  • in the hospital
  • from general practitioners
  • in the ambulance service
  • in nursing
  • in elderly care
  • in veterinary medicine
  • in the food industry
  • in gastronomy
  • in commercial kitchens in the public sector
  • in tattoo studios
  • in beauty salons, e.g. in nail salons
  • in public institutions (authorities)
  • in kindergartens


Buy disinfectants in private

In the private sphere it is usually not necessaryto constantly disinfect his hands to protect himself from disease. Because basically it is The immune system of healthy people is strong enoughto fight off everyday bacteria on their own. For those who work in the medical field or who have to meet a very high standard of hygiene for any other reason, regular hand hygiene is essential in order to protect both themselves and those around them from the risk of infection.

Thorough hand disinfection can also be recommended in the private sector, e.g. if you are doing one in privateCare for relatives or oneCare for the wound. Because in these cases there is a comparativehigh risk of infection, which can be significantly reduced by appropriate hand disinfection.

Wash or disinfect hands?

The order in which hands should be washed and disinfected is discussed again and again. For this reason we bring light into the dark.

WhileIn the private sector, it is usually sufficient to wash your hands thoroughly, it looks very different in medical use.

In health care you should use your hands as opposed to private hygieneonly as seldom as necessary to wash. Because afrequent hand washing dries the skin extremely,as the skin oils are washed off by washing your hands.

Especially if you disinfect your hands first and then wash them, theSkin oils are first removed from your skin by the disinfection and then washed away. 
In the medical field, you should therefore only wash your hands when necessary in order not to over-dry your skin.

Source: RKI (2016):Hand hygiene in health care facilities


Memo box: When should I wash my hands??

  • as seldom as possible, as often as necessary
  • at the start of work
  • if there is visible dirt on the hands
  • after using the toilet
  • in the event of potential contamination with spores, protozoa, oocysts and other pathogens that cannot be killed by alcohol-based hand disinfectants


Spectrum of effectiveness of OXY CleanCare

According to this pathogen can be divided into different spectrum of activity. One differentiates:


  • Bactericidal: kill bacteria.
  • Virucidal
    - virucidal effectiveness: All enveloped and all non-enveloped viruses are inactivated.
    - limited virucidal PLUS: Enveloped viruses as well as a few important enveloped viruses are inactivated (e.g. noroviruses). Disinfectants with the spectrum of activity "limited virucidal PLUS" are therefore not suitable for inactivating some non-enveloped viruses and do less viruses than virucidal disinfectants.
    - limited virucidal effectiveness: Only enveloped viruses are inactivated. Disinfectants with limited virucidal properties can therefore render very few viruses harmless and are not suitable for inactivating non-enveloped viruses.
  • Fungicides: act against fungi and spores.
  • Levurocide: act against yeasts.


Diseases can be triggered and transmitted by a wide variety of microorganisms. Pathogenic germs can include the following Microorganisms be:


  • bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mushrooms
  • Spurs


Disinfectant for sensitive skin - OXY CleanCarre!

OXY CleanCare is ideal for combating harmful microorganisms on your skin.

Frequent use ofnormal Hand disinfectants hold thatRisk that the Hands dry out and get cracked. Since professional hand disinfection is unavoidable in some areas (e.g. in hospitals), we recommend that you contact OXY CleanCareskin-friendly disinfectantfall back so as not to strain your hands excessively.

OXY CleanCare combines all the relevant factors for a skin-friendly hand disinfectant:

  • Hand sanitizer without additives - OXY CleanCare
  • Hand sanitizer without dyes- OXY CleanCare
  • Perfume-free Hand sanitizer- OXY CleanCare
  • Not degreasing Hand sanitizer- OXY CleanCare
  • ph neutralHand sanitizer- OXY CleanCare
  • Alcohol free- OXY CleanCare
  • Water-based - OXY CleanCare


5 moments of hand hygiene

When should hand sanitisers be used in the medical field:

The World Health Organization (WHO) specifies 5 situations in which hand sanitizer must be used. These so-called“5 moments of hand hygiene” are:

  1. before patient contact
  2. before an aseptic activity
  3. after contact with potentially infectious material
  4. after patient contact
  5. after contact with the immediate patient environment
These specifications concern all areas of health care, including doctors and nurses in hospitals and with general practitioners as well as paramedics and nurses for the elderly.


Skin-friendly disinfection