The principle:

  • Antigen detection

Approval from the Federal Institute for Drugs & amp; Medical device

No cross reactions

  • No cross-reactions with other coronaviruses SARS, MERS, NL13, 229E, OC433)
  • Many other microorganisms tested

Accuracy in the areas:

  • Specificity 99.28% 
  • Low detection limit of 1.11 x 10² TCID50 / mL.
  • Sensitivity 96.0% 
Test time:
  • reliable results in 15 minutes:

    PPA: 86.54%
    NPA: 100%

    (Positive / Negative Percent Agreement)

qualitative immunoassay

  • no instruments or special equipment required


User skills:

  • normal


  • Nose or throat swab

Test capacities.

  • Possibility of mass testing

Number of individual tests per box:

  • 25 tests


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