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colour: Silver / marble
LED color: blue
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Innovative contactless disinfectant dispenser

Redefining efficiency and design


The OXY CleanCare Neo adapts perfectly to any environment and is a real eye-catcher thanks to its incomparable look and feel.

The high-quality processing of the finest materials in combination with maximum efficiency offers a luxurious opportunity for your staff and visitors to carry out hand hygiene in a stylish and safe manner in the shortest possible time.

Discover the new standard of aesthetic hygiene solutions for the new era: The designer disinfectant dispensers from OXY CleanCare.

Hand disinfection is ideal to ensure that visitors are more comfortable in heavily frequented locations. The attractive design and the contactless use increase the frequency of use of your new design dispenser.


Patented spray system

  •  All models have the intelligent spray system, which means that the exact amount is dispensed and nothing is wasted.

Aluminum finishing touch

  • The inner walls are made of high quality aluminum and have a non-stick coating. This means that there are no handprints or stains.

LED ambient lighting

  • Integrated LED lighting ensures a nice atmosphere and beautiful lighting. The color of the lighting can be freely selected as desired.


Maximum efficiency         

Within 0.6 seconds, 0.4 milliliters of OXY CleanCare are sprayed through the special nozzle with a fine microspray jet to ensure that the surfaces of the hands are completely wetted.


Technical specifications:
  • 5L = 12,500 hand disinfections = 0.4 ml per disinfection
  • 0.5 m2 - necessary installation area
  • Lockable door
  • Colored marking
  •  Maintenance free
  • Residue-free / stain-free
  • 18 kg
  • 220 V



Further advantages in combination with OXY CleanCare disinfectants

  • High efficiency destroys up to 99.9% of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and virusesn
  • From 0.003 euros per hand disinfection
  • Redefining sustainability

Important aspects

1. Maximize the frequency of use of disinfectant dispensers

Stand disinfectant dispensers are only useful if they are used regularly by most people. This is the only way to successfully prevent the transmission of germs and viruses from being interrupted.

Improvised disinfection stations with loose disinfectant bottles on a table or manual dispensers on wobbly wooden structures are definitely not inviting. It is cumbersome and unhygienic to use.

The disinfection stations are rated as unaesthetic and damage the overall impression.

The time of improvisation is over. Disinfection stays in frequented places.

The standing design disinfection dispensers from OXY CleanCare offer the solution for the new era. Especially for institutions with high demands.h.

  1. No staining around the disinfection station

Thanks to the well thought-out design, our disinfectant dispensers prevent the formation of stains from dripping disinfectant around the disinfection station.

This is achieved through three components in particular. On the one hand, the precisely and finely adjusted spray nozzle. The OXY CleanCare spray nozzle is integrated directly into the disinfectant dispenser and atomizes the disinfectant so finely that it cannot drip from the hand. The spray cone is precisely adjusted. Even if triggered without a hand in the spray channel, it does not spray over the drip tray. The drip tray integrated in the design is the second functional design of the disinfectant dispenser from OXY CleanCare. Excess disinfectant is collected here. The drip tray is big enough to catch the full spray cone. But small enough not to negatively affect the minimalist design. The third aspect is fulfilled when used in combination with the recommended product - OXY CleanCare, as it is optimally matched to this disinfectant and its composition prevents the formation of stains. 99% of the product consists of sterilized water, free of lime or other impurities that could create residues when exposed to wind, for example.


The right color for your interior

Your OXY CleanCare Design disinfectant dispenser should fit seamlessly into your interior. Therefore, you have the choice of optionally placing a logo engraving or your logo as a sticker. In addition, you can choose between three different colors and models: silver, rose and bronze.

You decide. Your interior your design. 

For an engraving or logo print, please send us your text + your order number, preferably as an EPS file or alternatively as a pdf to: sales@oxysmart.org


Delivery time approx. 14 days within Germany.

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