Contactless (sensor) hand disinfectant dispenser, PRO 5 from OXY CleanCare


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A safe and modern hand sanitiser dispenser that takes care of the hygiene and health of your employees, customers and visitors.


Contactless and convenient. The devices are equipped with sensors and work without contact with the hands. It enables the avoidance of contact with surfaces as well as the transmission of bacteria and viruses between users. The hands must be outstretched and the dispenser will dispense some of the disinfectant onto the outstretched hands, wetting them completely.


Advantages of the sensor dispenser from OXY CleanCare

  • Contactless hand disinfection
  • Economical use of antiseptics / disinfectants
  • Quick drying thanks to micro-fogging
  • Handicapped accessible
  • 5 kg - canister compartment (less annoying refilling or changing of square bottles)
  • Reuse of unused disinfectant and return to the cycle.


Sustainability and cost savings:

Compared to standard dispensers that consume a large amount of antiseptic, our automatic dispenser dispenses a sufficient portion, which reduces the consumption of disinfectant by five times.


Not suitable:

For disinfectant gels.


Delivery time: 7-10 working days

Berührungsloser (Sensor-) Händedesinfektionsspender,


Menge  (Stück)
Füllvolumen - in ml
LxBxH des PRO5 in mm

1200x 300 x 300

Die Anzahl der Zyklen pro Füllung
10.000 bis 12.500
220 V
Hergestellt in der EU 
Material  Holz / Lackiert 




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